Game Design Patterns and Achievements

One of my goals at Deen Games is to help game designers design better games–better in the sense that they are more fun, that players play them longer, and better in terms of technical achievements.

Part of this sprouts our free code libraries that we’re releasing; and part of it include articles and white-papers.

To this end, we’re releasing our first white-paper, entitled “Game Design Patterns.” A quote from the introduction:

[T]his series aims to produce a tool-kit, a library of sorts, of well-established, practical, and well-used patterns of game design; elements that you can introduce into your games to make them more fun, and make more people play your games, and for longer. We’re going to investigate trends in games over multiple decades, and look at commercial games that were released and well-recieved in the market. We’ll analyze and dissect them and extract simple, reusable elements of game design and gameplay that they used that were fun, or addictive.

We hope game developers will lean on our work, and use it to make their games more fun. Really, the historical use and widely-accepted value of these elements should speak for themselves.

Read it for yourself, and take a look. Along with a general introduction and explanation, we’re including a simple game design pattern that’s common in casual and console gaming: Achievements.

So take a read, and let us know how you feel. We hope it really will help developers and designers design more enjoyable games. You can read it here: Game Design Patterns v1.0 (95.09 KB)

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