Converting IronRuby’s MutableString to C#’s String

Continuing my experiments in IronRuby, I found that return "hi" in Ruby returned an instance of something called MutableString, which was not easily interchangable with C#’s string:

dynamic irString = Ruby.CreateEngine().Execute("return 'hi');
Console.WriteKine(irString.GetType().Name); // Prints out "MutableString"
Assert.True(irString == "hi"); // fails?!

This caused me much confusion and befuddlement. I can’t compare for equality, nor can I call Contains to see if MutableString contains the substring I want to check.

The solution, trivially, was to call ConvertToString(); this returns a plain, vanilla C# string object (since IronRuby is implemented in C#. This works:

dynamic irString = Ruby.CreateEngine().Execute("return 'moo!').ConvertToString();
Assert.True(irString == "moo!");

For reference, I used this set of DLR/Ruby documentation to find this method.

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