Forcing a Database Update with DevExpress

Sometimes, DevExpress doesn’t seem to pick up your model changes. This happens fairly frequently when building a new module. The build process you should follow is:

  1. Clean Solution: Right-click your solution, and pick Clean Solution.
  2. Update Models: Right-click your solution and pick Update Model on All Projects
  3. Build Solution: Press F6 to build the solution.
  4. Deploy: Deploy your module’s .DLLs to the \bin folder of the application.

If you’re following this process, there’s no chance of your changes not being picked up; there must be something else at play. If you suspect (or know, from peeking at the schema) that the schema is not being updated, you have two options:

  1. Force an Update: Do this by querying the ModuleInfo table and updating the Version column for your module to something really small (like
  2. Obliterate the Database: Delete the entire database.

In either case, run the DB updater from your \bin directory: DBUpdater.v11.1.exe ..\Web.Config

Everything should be updated. Verify in SQL Management Studio.

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