Debugging Silverlight Apps in Firefox

Getting Firefox to break on your breakpoints can be a challenge. Even until today, many people still believe this is only possible by using Attach to Process ....

It’s not.

You don’t need a web-side project in your solution, either; Firefox is more than capable of handling this.


  • Load Firefox
  • Type “about:config” into FF’s address bar
  • Accept the warning
  • Search for the entry “dom.ipc.plugins.enabled”
  • Change its value from “true” to “false” (double-click)
  • Restart the browser

You should be able to hit F5 in Visual Studio and immediately see your breakpoints being hit.

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Ashiq has been coding C# since 2005. A desktop, web, and RIA application developer, he's touched ASP.NET MVC, ActiveRecord, Silverlight, NUnit, and all kinds of exciting .NET technologies. He started C# City in order to accelerate his .NET learning.
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