Tools Update: BaseEncoder and Hasher

We’ve added two new classes to our Tools library. These were created as part of a coding challenge. The more useful of the two is the BaseEncoder class, which allows you to convert numbers to and from an arbitrary base of characters. You can use it to generate binary, hexadeximal, base64, or even other base encodings of an int.

We’ve also added a class to facilitate calculating the SHA-1 hash of a string. Useful in a variety of cases, when you want to check if a string has changed (possibly even tampered with). SHA-1 is not guaranteed to be cryptographically secure, but it’s fast and generally “good enough” for our purposes here.

Check out the docs and download the updated files from the Tools library page.

About Ashiq Alibhai, PMP

Ashiq has been coding C# since 2005. A desktop, web, and RIA application developer, he's touched ASP.NET MVC, ActiveRecord, Silverlight, NUnit, and all kinds of exciting .NET technologies. He started C# City in order to accelerate his .NET learning.
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